The Trink Fitness Family Newsletter


 Were you one of those families that sent out a newsletter with your holiday cards each year? Where your Mom spills the beans on the not-so-sordid details of your life?

 We were certainly not such a family. My parents were less “Danny-got-three-A’s-and-two-B’s-and-Lori-finally-got-her-first-tooth” and more “park-the-new-car-around-the-block-so-the-neighbors-don’t-know-what-we-have”.

 As someone who is always asking their clients to break old, bad habits and create new healthy ones, I am starting a new tradition right now. Each New Year I will revel in my own accomplishments (something that is honestly not that easy for me) and, more importantly, those of my clients. I give to you the First Annual Trink Fitness Family Newsletter.


Just as I was heading out for my annual trek down to the palm trees and retirement homes of South Florida to visit my mother-in-law last year, I was asked by Jon Goodman, head coach and founder of The Personal Trainer Development Center, to become one of the coaches for this great organization dedicated to improving the quality and business of personal training. By accepting I was now in the company of some amazing fellow coaches including Brad Schoenfeld and Nick Tumminello and had the power to impact a profession I care so much about.

In the year that has past I’ve written some pretty impassioned articles for the PTDC and the feedback has been incredible. I’ve actually had trainers who I’ve just met or barely know come up to me and tell me how something I’ve written has altered the way they train clients, run their business or changed their life. Pretty powerful stuff.

I was also honored to be a featured speaker at the first ever PTDC Hybrid Training Seminar in Toronto in June. Which, if my Mom wrote newsletters, she could tell Aunt Miriam that her son was a speaker at an international conference.

Being part of the PTDC has been one of the most positive professional experiences of the past year. I’m still honored that Jon asked me. Besides, how could I say no to the second most handsome Jewish trainer in North America?


The Transformassacre

This was a lesson in just being faster than everyone else. Men’s Fitness Magazine and GNC were embarking on an 8 week physique transformation with one of the Men’s Fitness staff and they need a trainer to design the training program, provide the nutritional and supplement recommendations and appear in 8 webisodes that would run on the MF site. They emailed 4 or 5 trainers. I was the first to respond so I got the gig.

The test subject was a a kid right out of college who worked in their digital department named Charlie Romano. Charlie got INSANE results in only 8 weeks and the number of people who followed his journey and sent in their support was huge. While this gave me tremendous exposure the best part was getting to know and work with Charlie. He’s just a guy you can’t help but like and root for. He became like a kid brother to me and even though we only worked together for 2 months we’re still pretty tight.

physique transformation

Charlie’s before and after

Check out the entire Transformassacre here.

A Regular Ernest Hemmingway

I could write a paragraph on each and every fitness website and magazine that I was lucky enough to write for this year but it is January which means you have to head to the gym and fight off all the New Year’s Resolutioners who are now occupying your favorite squat rack.

If you would have told me at the beginning of the year that I would be writing weekly columns and features for Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness, have over a half dozen articles published by T-Nation, contributed articles to the Greatist that have been shared over 5000 times and write for LiveStrong, Women’s Health and WWE Magazine, well, I would have told you that that’s about as likely as Lindsay Lohan passing a sobriety test.

But, amazingly, it did happen and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to drop some fitness knowledge on the world. Maybe there’s hope for Lindsay yet.

Don’t you just love my new ankle bracelet?

Check out any articles you may have missed here

My Clients

What can I say, my clients killed it this year. Fat was lost, muscle was gained, lives were transformed. I am very fortunate to have a loyal group of people who have not only become success stories but also good friends.

One of our NBA clients, Roy Hibbert, whose BioSignature I was in charge of and had a small hand in training made his first All-Star Team this past season. I prepared huge underdog Matthew Macklin for the WBO Middleweight title fight at Madison Square Garden where he was ahead on score cards in the late rounds until a couple of devastating hooks ended his night. I helped my client Michael, a hedge-fund manager in his early 40s prepare to compete in his first powerlifting contest in which he broke 4 New York State Records.

Macklin v. Martinez at The Garden


I’ve also helped many online clients get incredible results which, to be quite honest, have exceeded my expectations. When I developed the online program I was very aware of the limitations of not having ‘hands-on’ training time with my clients. But after spending many sleepless nights working on a system that would minimize these barriers I can honestly say that the online coaching program has been hugely successful in helping people reach their goals. I’m extremely proud of their success.

Need help reaching your fitness goals? Consider online coaching.

Too Much To Mention

If I learned anything in this past year it’s that internet writing is supposed to be short, pithy and full of pop culture references, funny pictures of cats or stills of Willy Wonka with funny sayings plastered over them. Therefore, I’ll just summarize the rest.

My transformation of fat guy in advertising to the bald beefcake you see before you was featured in the pages of Men’s Fitness in September. Not only was this super bad ass, it also gave me the experience of preparing for my first photo shoot.

As seen in the pages of “Men’s Fitness”

Along with the PTDC I was asked to be part of the Greatist’s Expert Network as well as become an Ambassador for FitFluential.

I got to work on an amazing project called GWODs (Greatist Workout of The Day) with Tony Gentilcore, the second most handsome bald trainer in North America.

Tony, trying to steal my look

I get to go into work and manage the best trainers on the planet at the greatest gym on the planet, Peak Performance, where I share an office with my partners-in-awesome Ed Williams and Joe Dowdell.

And, maybe the greatest accomplishment of all is at the end of the day I get to go home to my wife of 12 years, Ricki Jean and my 7 month old son, Henry. Not too shabby.

Thank you all for being such a loyal part of the Trink Fitness Family this past year and prepare to be part of the total world domination that is planned for 2013. Now get going, you’ve got a squat rack to defend.